You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment


You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment


You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment


You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment


You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment

You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment


You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment


You Relax, Call S.A.X
Save Time, Save Money, Save Environment

Services Provided by Company

Note: The prices excludes GST

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Exterior wash plus wax$95

  • Exterior High Pressure Premium hand wash
  • Chamois dry
  • Full body Exterior wax
  • Alloys Cleaned
  • Tyre's cleaned and shine
  • Windscreen cleaned
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Door Rubber treated
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Front Bumper dressed
  • Rear bumper dressed
  • Mud flap dressed
  • Quick Interior vacuum
  • Interior Fragrance
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Interior clean with full Seats/Carpet shampoo$125

  • Interior vacuumed
  • Boot vacuumed
  • Dash board cleaned
  • Central console cleaned
  • Floor mats dressed
  • Seats Cleaned
  • Leather Seat treatment and cleaned
  • Interior Roof cleaned
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Windscreen cleaned
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Door rubber shine
  • Ashtray cleaned
  • Air-vents cleaned
  • Interior deodorized
  • Interior fragrance treatment
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Gold wash with full body polish$245

  • Exterior High pressure Shampoo wash
  • Full Chamois dry
  • Full Body Paintwork Machine Polish
  • Alloys cleaned and shined
  • Wheels cleaned and shine
  • Wheels arch cleaned and dressed
  • Front Bumper dressed
  • Rear Bumper dressed
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Door rubber cleaned and shine
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Boot vacuumed
  • Dash board Cleaned
  • Central Console cleaned
  • Air vents cleaned
  • Ash tray cleaned
  • Seats Cleaned
  • Leather seats treatment/cleaned
  • Floor Mats dressed
  • Mud Flap dressed
  • Interior Deodorized
  • Interior fragrance treatment
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Presale Groom $285

  • High Pressure Wash n Wax
  • Machine buff & polish
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Chrome polished
  • Small stain removal
  • Engine bay clean & dress
  • Mag wheel clean & polish
  • Hood lining cleaned
  • Interior vacuum
  • Boot vacuum
  • Seats shampoo
  • Mats Shampoo
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Leather Seats clean & condition
  • Windows cleaned
  • Air vents clean
  • Ash trays clean
  • Interior fragrance
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Mobile Car Grooming & Cleaning Services Auckland

Love your car? , want to see it in top notch condition? S.A.X is your one
stop solution. Skip the hassle of waiting in line, when you can have the
service provided at your door-step. Our experienced and friendly mobile car
groomers in Auckland will come to you to give your car a high-quality groom
with what better than eco-friendly products.

Mobile Car Valet Auckland

S.A.X has the most reliable mobile car valet on board to deliver great
results every time. We offer showroom finish, which covers exteriors and
interiors, wheels, under the hood and even in areas that are hard to reach.
Our mobile valet Auckland service aims to make you fall in love with your
car after every clean.

Mobile Car Cleaning Auckland

We understand that you feel torn between work and family between all this,
your car doesn’t get the attention it deserves. S.A.X can make life simpler
for you. Our mobile car cleaning Auckland-based service is all that you
need to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition without having to drive
all the way down in busy traffic and long ques. Our experts will come to
you with the essential detailing equipment to give your car the spa-like

Mobile Car Grooming Auckland

A car is one of those biggest investments you want to make the most
of.Right from the paint job to the clean interior, Our mobile car groomers
in Auckland would be happy to offer you tailored made solution. There are
times when your want sparkling clean car for that special event or wanting
to fetch a good price from reselling, but it’s a hassle to take it to the
valet. This is where our mobile car grooming Auckland-based service comes
handy. We offer professional car cleaning and detailing services at the
right price and right at your convenience.

Give us a call and try our services once.We bet you won’t regret!

Why Choose Us
Convenience and Flexibility

Convenience & Flexibility

We are mobile car groomer which saves your time and money as we come to your place whether its is your home or workplace at a time convenient to you. No time waste, no hassle. waiting for your car to be cleaned or taking it for clean.

Eco Friendly Quality Products

Eco-friendly Quality Products

We are a big help in the environment protection drive. We do not use harmful chemicals and we take big pride in using only Quality Eco-friendly or organic products. Keeping your Car clean and Environment green.

Great Value and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Great Value and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our services are very affordable. We provide the best value for money. Our packages can be tailored made for your long term or short term needs,whether it is corporate fleets, Taxi operator, Car rental companies. or any other self-employed professional we have a solution for everyone. Our motto is 100% Satisfaction.

Loyality Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

We value your long term relationship and we offer loyalty rewards exclusive to our customers.

Feedbacks / Testimonials

Just to say thank you to S.A.X so much for the fabulous clean on the Hyundai. It looked and felt as if I had just driven it out of the showroom. I even imagine it is running better, but that may be my fantasy! Your work is greatly appreciated.

Eve Crawford

Thanks Team!! What a great job once again, I thought I would never have clean seats again after the mishap in the back with the Grand Daughter’s drink and the grease marks in the front seats. My car is like new!

Mr Skinner

It’s definitely a pleasure to get your car washed or detailed from the harsh conditions of winter, at S.A.X; being they’re efficient and meticulous at what they do. I would absolutely recommend this place to friends and family.

Christian M

I can safely say there is no other car cleaning company like S.A.X– they come to your door, they don’t use water, and the end result will just blow you away! The best art about all this is they are ridiculously cheap!!

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