The benefits of grooming a car are limitless. It is an excellent way to transform your used car into a newer one. Over the years, this practice has turned into an art itself.

This process is particularly significant to a car owner if he/she wants to sell the car. A visit to the nearest carwash will do. You can even groom your car on your own, provided you have enough time to pay attention to your cars on a regular basis.

Before discussing some important grooming tips, let us explore why you should be grooming your car.

The lifespan of the car is extended:  Regular grooming provides the opportunity to examine your car thoroughly. The minor scratches and engine troubles are all detected and fixed early on before it takes a severe turn.

Maintain road safety: Groomed car means well-maintained fleet. This prevents the risk of car break down or engine malfunction while on the road.

Save long-term costs: Regular inspection will help you find and detect car issues earlier on. This will help you sort the problems before any part of your car suffers extensive damage, thus helping you save unnecessary costs later on.

Uplift the resell value: A well-maintained vehicle that is spotlessly shining is definitely worth more than a used car that was ill-maintained.

Now that you know the benefits of grooming your car, start taking care of your cars to extend its life, save unnecessary cost and improve its resell value.

If you opt for car grooming on your own, here are a few tips that must be followed to get the right results and these include:

  1. Keeping the car away from the sun during grooming

This is specifically important when painting or wax polishing your car. Paint and waxing do not work that good when under direct sunlight; neither is washing your cars.

Therefore, never wash the exterior parts of your car under direct sunlight. Otherwise, the exterior surface will slowly start losing its glow. Pick a lighted shed instead.

  1. Start cleaning from the top to the bottom

This is a general rule of thumb and the law of gravity applies here. This is very useful when you are in a rush and need a quick wash.

  • All the soap stains and dirt tends to trickle down towards the bottom.
  • Leaving soapy residues and blotches at the bottom of your car.
  • So clean the top and then slowly go downwards.
  1. Remember to clean the excess wax

After detailing works are done, use a towel or brush to wipe away the excess wax from your car’s body. Otherwise, the sticky composition of the wax will attract dust, dirt and other pollutants to make your car dirty quickly, rendering your hard work useless.

  1. Restrain from using cold water to wash your car

Never use cold water to wash your car, specifically if has just returned from the road and the engine is still red hot.

  • Cold water can damage the hot parts of your car such as the exhaust pipe or brakes.
  • Your car should be left to cool off for at least half an hour before washing.

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