Car Grooming

How to keep your car looking great in wake of COVID-19

If you’re going to keep your car for a long time, you’ll want it to age gracefully. This will be a boost to your morale and will motivate you to give it the care it deserves. Here’s what recommends to keep the exterior fresh: Give it a Wash.  Even during the winter, rinse off your car regularly to prevent paint wear, and remember to spray the undercarriage, too. Remove bugs, tree sap and bird poop that can eat through the paint. Wax on.  Yes, there’s a clear-coat layer, but even that needs

Car Grooming

4 Important Car Grooming Tips That You Are Totally Unaware Of!

The benefits of grooming a car are limitless. It is an excellent way to transform your used car into a newer one. Over the years, this practice has turned into an art itself. This process is particularly significant to a car owner if he/she wants to sell the car. A visit to the nearest carwash will do. You can even groom your car on your own, provided you have enough time to pay attention to your cars on a regular basis. Before discussing some important grooming tips, let us explore why you should

Car Grooming


Car detailing is more expensive than a standard car wash, but you get more out of the service. Auto detailing is more of an investment in your vehicle over the long term. By keeping up with a regular auto detailing schedule, you are ensuring the good resale value of your vehicle if and when you want to sell it or trade it in. It include very careful hand washing, elevating the wash and wax experience as your vehicle is treated with individualized care. At SAX we will remove bugs and tar, degreas

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