Car detailing is more expensive than a standard car wash, but you get more out of the service. Auto detailing is more of an investment in your vehicle over the long term. By keeping up with a regular auto detailing schedule, you are ensuring the good resale value of your vehicle if and when you want to sell it or trade it in. It include very careful hand washing, elevating the wash and wax experience as your vehicle is treated with individualized care. At SAX we will remove bugs and tar, degrease the exterior, clean up outside plastics and rubber, clean up your tires and engine, address headlights, vents, scratches and dings, deep clean windows, mirrors, door jambs, and interior surfaces,cut n polish on paint work.

While some car owners choose to clean their own vehicles inside and out, but it takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. Instead, when your give a call to the team of SAX Car Valet, you get a meticulous clean without having to do it yourself plus the service is at your doorstep. It’s well worth the small investment when you consider how valuable your own time is.You save time and hassle along with it get our expert knowledge.The results are long lasting and highly beneficial.

Mobile car valet and detailing addresses long term wear and tear, reducing the risk of your vehicle showing its age too soon.It’s definitely worth it, so think ahead to make a little time in your schedule.

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