Car Grooming

How to keep your car looking great in wake of COVID-19

If you’re going to keep your car for a long time, you’ll want it to age gracefully. This will be a boost to your morale and will motivate you to give it the care it deserves. Here’s what recommends to keep the exterior fresh: Give it a Wash.  Even during the winter, rinse off your car regularly to prevent paint wear, and remember to spray the undercarriage, too. Remove bugs, tree sap and bird poop that can eat through the paint. Wax on.  Yes, there’s a clear-coat layer, but even that needs


The importance of keeping your car clean in winter months

Winter is approaching which means preparing your car for some nasty weather elements. And, with all the acid rain, road grease, and other that will attack your car this winter, getting a wax or polish job to protect your paint might be a very good idea. So why do we invest so much time and money in protecting our car when winter approaches? There are a number of reasons, all of which are equally important. First off, preventative measures help to keep our car paint shine last longer, also preserv


Best Way to wash Car

Wash your Car What is the best way to wash my car? [washing car at home] The best way to wash your car? Here is a hint, it’s not at your local car wash. Sorry, the local car wash may seem convenient and they say it’s safe but it’s a sure way to scratch your car. Automatic or self-serve, it’s all the same. If you care about your car and it’s finish you should only rely on handwash car wash which is the best wash.Apart from this you can invest in some basic supplies and



Your car can say a lot about you.  If you are driving around in an old beat-up car that is full of stuff, it can be pretty embarrassing and certainly doesn’t make a good impression. You don’t have to have an expensive new car, but taking pride in your ride reflects on you as a person and how others perceive you as well. Not only will you exude more confidence, but you will also feel happier about your car buying decision and more grateful for the car itself! Conclusion So now that you know the bene



Ditch the junk you don’t need to carry around in your vehicle. The lighter the load, the less weight you are driving around with, which means your car uses less gas while moving. This is likely not a huge factor for most people, but for those of you carrying excessive items in your trunk, hatchback or SUV (perhaps some bags of soil for your spring garden that you keep meaning to put in the garage but forget) we’re talking to you!



This point is pretty basic, but let’s face it, we all get a little lazy after we’ve had our cars a while. When you keep your car clean and well maintained, it will look newer and run better. If you chose to sell it privately, people will be able to see that you have taken care of routine maintenance and repairs by the outward (and inward) appearance and smell of the vehicle.



Think of your car as a mini version of your home. If you aren’t dusting and vacuuming up dirt, you are exposed to all sorts of nasty things like allergens, airborne pollutants and contaminants, dust mites, pet dander, germs and bacteria. So get out the shop vac and get to work on the interior, including floor mats, vents and seats. Remember, a tidy and clutter-free car also reduce your stress level!



It’s true! The cleaner your car, the safer it will be. Having clean windshields both front and back will ensure you have greater visibility , especially at night. It will also mean that other vehicles can see your signal lights better. By giving your car a regular check-over you can also resolve issues as they arise. And, decluttering your car will keep objects away from foot pedals and the steering wheel which could otherwise impede your ability to drive well.

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